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Green Tea Plants
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New Crop of Green Tea Plants coming up! 
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In 2006 we began our small business importing Tea plants and seeds from India. Now we sell Green Tea from India, China and Korea. Thank you for your business and blessings on your New Year as you connect with Family, God and the Earth.
    -The Behncke Family


Left: Claire at 6 years old holding Tea Plants from India. Right: Our Claire at 14 holding our Green Tea Plants from China.

Grown in Super-Cells 5 inches deep

What we have discovered is a really unique growing container with super cells 5 inches deep.  The advantage of seedlings grown from seed is the tap root.  This tap root is important. If allowed to grow uninhibited it will keep the plant going in this very active growth spurt that it has coming out of the seed stage. Tap roots curl in small growing containers or break off in transplanting. By using our super cell containers, ones used for growing trees, we just keep that tap root going! This allows you to plant the seedling into a one gallon container as soon as you receive it in the mail, pushing you toward a specimen Tea plant worth $50 and closer to a Green tea harvest in half the time. In every way, this is a really wonderful break thru, our most important since 2006 when we first began raising Tea plants from around the world

Plant on left shows plant grown from seed in deep liner seed cell with un-severed tap root encouraging faster growth of plant.
Plant on the right grown in shallow 4 inch pot where tap root was severed during transplant.  Learn from us, go for a deeper pot!

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