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Happy New Year 2015

Give Green Tea Plants: Special Deals!
10 Year Anniversary!

Fresh Green Tea Seeds from China
Limited Offer Limited Time

Once a year at planting time we offer a small amount of Tea Seeds for sale. These are fresh seeds from the Tea fields of North China.This is a great time to get a lot of plants going for very little money.  

We grade the seeds

Tea Seeds are short viable and the percentage the will germinate goes down each seek. We lost a lot of money of the years buying old seed from dishonest companies. This is how we grade the seed...

Seeds "Pre-soaked"

We have a great source in China and the seeds are fresh from this 2014 fall months. Then, to be sure we just do the float test. If a seed does not sink to the bottom it is likely not going to germinate. That is why we soak them two days or more and then we do not bother with the floaters and only plant the sinkers.

When we send you these seeds they have been selected and soaked for two days. They will be ready to go into the pot as soon as you get them, and then you need to be patient, 2-3 months and you will be on your way to a Green Tea garden.

Only $2 a seed and you can put a bunch in our Priority envelopes! Since shipping is $6.60 for 1 or 100, the more you buy the more you save.
Click the PayPal Button below and pick you quantities. 

At on $2 a seed you save a lot off the $7.95 we normally ask for a seedling in a pot. So buy yours now before they are gone!

More plants deals...scroll down.

In 2006 we began our small business importing Tea plants and seeds from India. Now we sell Green Tea from India, China and Korea. Thank you for your business and blessings on your New Year as you connect with Family, God and the Earth.
    -The Behncke Family


Left: Claire at 6 years old holding Tea Plants from India. Right: Our Claire at 14 holding our Green Tea Plants from China.

Last Chance at 2014 Seedlings

Super Cheap! Super Cool! Super Healthy!

We have limited number of plants in stock, these are the last of our seedlings for 2014. 

3 Green Tea Plants $19.95
(Normally $31.85 Save 11.80!)

Includes Priority Shipping anywhere in the USA!

Normally $7.95 each plus shipping this special price is unprecedented and a whopping $12.50 savings! Camillia Sinensis, Green Tea from China, the real thing with historical roots that go back to the dawn of tea. When you give these plants you are giving a little bit of history plus you are empowering the receiver by connecting them with nature and with the joy of supplying themselves with their own Tea for pleasure and medicine. 

Also includes:

  • Holiday card with your custom message 

  • Instructions for growing Green Tea and making Tea drinks

  • 6 months Organic fertilizer x 3 plants

Buy 3 seedling Gift Special by clicking below

Super Size it!

8 Green Tea Plants $49.95

(Normally $81.60 save $31.65!)

Includes Priority Shipping anywhere in the USA! 

Really stoke out your friends and family with enough Green Tea plants to really get them on their way to some serious Green Tea harvests!

Also includes:

  • Holiday card with your custom message 

  • Instructions for growing Green Tea and making Tea drinks

  • 6 months Organic fertilizer x 3 plants

Buy 8 seedling Gift Special by clicking below

Add Super soil

(Sold and shipped separately)

Our customers tell us all the time that they just can't find the right soil for Green Tea plants in the nurseries and superstores. We have had the same problem, it is just not available. So we are now offering our own special mix of fast draining Super Soil with finely ground redwood bark, perfect for growing GreenTea. 

ADD: 4 Gallons Super Soil 

$23.50  Includes Priority shipping anywhere 

ADD: 8 Gallons Super soil

$33.50  Includes Priority shipping anywhere in the USA

About Shipping   (please read)

We ship 3 day Priority mail and ship Monday thru Wednesday each week so as not to have plants sitting in the Post Office over the weekend. Also: we watch the weather and if it appears we will have temps below freezing in or around the area where your plants are to be shipped we will hold off until the weather is more favorable. 

Your Card, Personal Message etc (please read)

Shipping Address: When you make your purchase using Paypal please pay close attention to the Shipping address. This is the address you want the Tea plants sent to:  i.e your gift recipient. You Card and Personal message: Please place your personal message in the "additional notes" box offered at the bottom of the invoice during the checkout process. with Paypal. Please keep the message brief.
Questions? Call us: 352 460 9854

Grown in Super-Cells 5 inches deep

What we have discovered is a really unique growing container with super cells 5 inches deep.  The advantage of seedlings grown from seed is the tap root.  This tap root is important. If allowed to grow uninhibited it will keep the plant going in this very active growth spurt that it has coming out of the seed stage. Tap roots curl in small growing containers or break off in transplanting. By using our super cell containers, ones used for growing trees, we just keep that tap root going! This allows you to plant the seedling into a one gallon container as soon as you receive it in the mail, pushing you toward a specimen Tea plant worth $50 and closer to a Green tea harvest in half the time. In every way, this is a really wonderful break thru, our most important since 2006 when we first began raising Tea plants from around the world

Plant on left shows plant grown from seed in deep liner seed cell with un-severed tap root encouraging faster growth of plant.
Plant on the right grown in shallow 4 inch pot where tap root was severed during transplant.  Learn from us, go for a deeper pot!

Guarantee:  All seeds will be healthy and viable upon arrival or we will replace them. Just contact us within 24 hours of delivery if you are not satisfied, Call 352 460 9854. We will instruct you on how to get your replacement seeds which includes emailing us a photo of the damaged seeds. We send plants/seeds all over the USA to different climate conditions and to people of different skill levels when it comes to growing plants. We can only guarantee the seeds will arrive in good condition and after that the seeds are in your hands and care of the buyer. 

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